C’est Brûlée Wholesale, Trade, and Events

You don’t have to come to a C’est Brûlée cafe in order to experience that moment of indulgence you get with your favorite C’est Brûlée treat. C’est Brûlée works with businesses large and small to ensure that your business can provide your customers, partners, staff, and everyone else with awesome desserts.

Our entire menu, special requests, marketing support, and on-location presentation and service are available from the expert professionals at C’est Brûlée to ensure you get an awesome product and amazing service for whatever your business or event may require.

Restaurants and Cafes

C’est Brûlée works with many Philadelphia-area restaurants to supply branded or unbranded desserts, sweets, and treats for your customers. Due to our popular “takeaway” ramekins, C’est Brûlée creme brulee and other products are perfect for your coffee shop or cafe. For fine dining, we supply the classic ceramic ramekins for our creme brulee and other custard products. Most of our products require refrigeration and have a shelf life of about a week. C’est Brûlée provides any and all of the following to help your customers get the most enjoyment out of C’est Brûlée desserts: daily deliveries in the Delaware valley; training on presentation and product; product photos, descriptions and menu cards; custom flavors, private label branding, and probably anything else you can think of. We got our start running cafes and in back of house and want to make it as easy as possible for you to delight your customers. Contact us to get started.

Corporate functions

Nothing will delight your guests or impress at those board meetings like fresh, delicious C’est Brûlée creme brulee, cheese cake or other treats. Nearly all of our desserts fit elegantly into easy-to-hold aluminium ramekins perfect for mingling and for cleanup and the environment (aluminium is one of the most efficiently recycled products!). Available in quantities large and small and even on short notice, let us know about your next function and we’ll help you design the perfect menu for your budget so that your guests will love you and you won’t have to worry about dessert. Contact us to get started.

Corporate gifts

Show your love with a variety pack of C’est Brûlée treats delivered and served fresh as a gift to those special someones or important business relationships. Contact us to get started.


C’est Brûlée isn’t a full service caterer, we specialize in desserts only. We do play nice with others so if you are working with a caterer for your wedding, party, event, etc. but would love to have our desserts while they take care of all the rest, do let us know. We can supply everything you need including portable refrigeration, a C’est Brûlée cart or stand, staff for bruleeing and serving, menus, art, or anything else you can think of to make your event a hit. Thinking of a dessert only event? Great, we always thought those were the most fun anyway, and we are happy to work with you even if you don’t have a caterer running the rest of the show. Contact us to get started.