Philly Store Opening Delayed

We’re very thankful for everyone’s interest and continued support and are sorry we couldn’t meet our July 1 opening date. Unfortunately, when the building you’re moving into is hundreds of years old, things are just bound to get delayed. We’re trying our best to get open as soon as possible but need to take is slow to do everything right, make sure everything is safe, and that the C’est Brulee shop is a great, fun place for our guests for many years to come.

We’re sure your eager to learn of the new date but we are going to stop doing estimated dates because they just disappoint–us and you! We’ll keep you updated on our progress and once we get the all clears we’ll let everyone know right away so you can plan to attend our awesome grand opening. In the meantime, we’re continuing to wholesale to your favorite restaurants and are available to deliver to anywhere in the greater Philly area for events, meetings, parties, or just so you can tell your friends you have a fridge full of the best custard around.