C’est Brûlée Events

C’est Brulee Events

You know the old saying, there ain’t no party like a C’est Brulee party cause a C’est Brulee party don’t stop. Sadly, it’s not entirely true. While there certainly ain’t no party like a C’est Brulee party, they do indeed stop as while we have perfected desserts, we haven’t outwitted sleep yet.

Sadly, there are no scheduled C’est Brulee soirées at the moment. To be the first to know, check back often or Follow @cestbrulee on Twitter. They’re a great way to meet fellow custard heads (hey, it works for the Packers and Jimmy Buffet), will probably be classier than any other soirée you frequent (it’s creme brulee after all, fancy pants required), and just have a great time, trying some great treats and drinks for a fraction of their retail prices. We usually try to work in some art too.

C’est Brulee treats at your next event

Just because we aren’t having an event when you want to doesn’t mean you can’t host your own party. This is America! Talk to anyone around Independence Hall, you have a constitutional right to party and enjoy creme brulee whenever and where ever. Ben “C’est Brulee” Franklin wouldn’t have it any other way. Remember all those trips to France? It was for the creme. and the brulee. But for serious, our entire menu, special requests, armies of chefs in funny hats with torches, and more are all available to make your next event something your guests remember. Check out our wholesale sales information page or contact us to see how we can help.