End of summer update: new products, store update, and more

End of summer still works, right, these 80 degree days … In addition to weather  commentary, the Philly-based C’est Brûlée team has been quite busy behind the scenes and away from our website so just wanted to give everyone an update.

We are still working on finding the perfect place in the greater Philadelphia area for our retail store. We met a ton of great people and saw many, many locations. Finding a the right place for a bakery and store is an important decision so we want to make sure we get it just right. The great news is is that we are in the final stages of talks with two (that’s right, not just one but two!) places we really like and hope to have some exciting news on that front very soon. But, we’re going to wait until the checks are in the bank this time before we make any announcements.

Our wholesale business is growing well too. So even though you can’t buy your favorite desserts from us at our stores, you may be eating them already at your corporate events, from a local restaurant, or from your caterer. A few of our caterer clients specialize in small plates and we came up with a few great new dishes that their clients love. Here’s a little teaser for you: a raspberry topped baby vanilla crème brûlée.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, want to order some treats for delivery to your next event, or if you have a big event and are looking to hire a caterer, we’re happy to refer you to some caterers who proudly serve C’est Brûlée treats.

small plate vanilla creme brulee in ceramic ramekins