About C’est Brûlée

In short, we at C’est Brûlée are a fun bunch of culinary innovators and supporters of dessert democratization. Or would you believe that we love sweets and really enjoy playing with blow torches?

To help you get to know us better, we’ve put together this list of questions we’re frequently asked and questions we wish we were frequently asked. Still unfulfilled after reading, contact us and we’ll put your unsettled curiosities at ease.

How do you pronounce C’est Brûlée?
C’est you pronounce like “say” and Brûlée like “brew-lay”. For you IPA fans out there: /sɛ bʁy.le/. Please do not say “cest” like in incest. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

Now that I know how to say C’est Brûlée, what does it mean?
C’est Brûlée translates to “it’s burned”. It’s French and, no, we don’t have France’s permission to abuse their language.

What are all those funny things on top the letters?
They are traditionally pronunciation keys, though in modern usage people just put them anywhere cause they are fun. However, USA-based government computer systems built in the early 2000s HATE THEM! Yes, we’re talking to you COPA and IRS! But, we respect their authority and alternate spellings such as C’est Brulee or Cest Brulee are ok in these or similar situations.

Is there a preferred style or level of enthusiasm to use when saying C’est Brûlée?
Of course! We like to describe it as jubilant shouting. And ideally you pull off an ear-to-ear, creepy, Home Alone 2 Tim Curry-style smile (external site) right after your first taste.

It’s burned? That’s silly, why do I want a burned dessert?
Burned is a pretty harsh word in today’s English. Your C’est Brûlée crème brûlée it’s not really “burned” like what you think of when you see something like black toast. We quickly heat the sugar coating on top of your custard that turns into a caramel candy shell that is an absolute delight to poke through with your spoon into silky smooth custard. We “burn” everything a medium by default but many of our customers like their brûlée a bit darker or lighter than others and we’re happy to prepare your  C’est Brûlée crème brûlée to your exact preferences. If you don’t like the hard candy coating, we also serve crème caramel, also popularly known as flan. Your C’est Brûlée crème caramel is still delicate egg custard but instead of a candy coating, you have a gooey, caramel coating poured over the custard, served on a plate instead of in a ramekin.

What if I want something that’s not on your menu?
Let us know! We can pretty much do anything for our events or wholesale businesses. To get something added to our retail menu is a bit trickier but we love new ideas! Nothing like vomit or popcorn though, we’re classier than that jelly bean company. (Though we really do like the popcorn jelly bean!)

Some one told me that C’est Brûlée makes crème brûlée in take away containers? That’s awesome!
It’s true and it really is awesome! Now you and your friends can huddle around a burning trash can at night enjoying a classy dessert without a snooty server or a $9 price tag. And send us your photos of the best places you’ve traveled to with your C’est Brûlée crème brûlée!

Do you really like playing with fire?
Yes! However, as a slightly depressing symbol of our adulthood we are delighted to say that we have maintained a record of no property damage! We think that’s a good thing.

When will you open a cafe or bakery in my hometown, Anytown, World?
Golly, we’re just getting started in Philly and that is enough of a challenge, though we appreciate the city’s improving business friendliness. For the near future, sadly you’ll just have to come to our great city and enjoy all the great arts, museums, restaurants, and history in Philadelphia and stop in for a C’est Brûlée treat or two. Our bosses do let us off the leash a bit for larger events, so get in touch if you’re anywhere between DC and New York and you want to treat your guests to a C’est Brûlée experience at your next party or function. We’ll do the best we can to accommodate.

What’s your favorite C’est Brûlée crème brûlée flavor?

Whoa, that’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. Mike loves the espresso and Scott the vanilla and he also has a real hard time not eating all of the marscapone cheesecake, especially the butter graham crust. Mmmmm. We try to keep the most popular flavors on our daily menu and rotate in a bunch of seasonal specialties. Make sure to try one of the fruit flavors. The blood orange with the candied orange peel will be Scott’s pick once his body desensitizes to that delicious Madagascar vanilla bean flavor. Mmmmm again.

Do you have any photos of the C’est Brûlée founders that I can hang on my wall/in my locker/put in my wallet/throw darts at?
Here you go!

cest brulee founders











How’d you meet?

We first met in a West Philadelphia home on a mild winter’s afternoon in 2012. Good thing the world didn’t end, hey?

I’m hosting an event and I want it to be the best event ever, what do you suggest?
We’ve checked all of the internet, and some books, and can confidently say there is no better way to ensure your guests leave saying “best event ever” than to have C’est Brûlée supply you with our tasty treats. Check our events and wholesale pages for more information or contact us to discuss your event and we’ll meet any need and budget.